Santiago Gearstop

Santiago, the boring Golem Maker






Santiago Gearstop

Engineer/Golem Maker




Supposedly he is Event Man's Husband.


Very calm, very complacent. Usually would prefer to be left to his work.

Appearance Edit

A scruffy looking young man, who often wears an apron covered in grease, alon with thick goggles that prevent viewing of his BEAUTIFUL EYES (that nobody ever sees).


Ever since childhood, Event Man's Husband, birthname Santino Gearstop, he was not only fascinated by mechanics and golems, but he was also a pacifist. He absolutely refused to wield anything in a  manner that targetted someone else. This did not, however, stop him from making golems and automatonatons that were built for combat, or had fighting abilities past his own. 

While he wouldn't command his golems to do any ill onto others, he did sell them for varying purposes. Eventually he had an invitation to start up shop on Porthladd Hud Awyr. Santiago promptly named it "GOLEMS GOLEMS GOLEMS" so that nobody could mistake it for anything else, unlike the tons of magic item shops that had strange signs nobody could understand.

Eventually on a trip, he met Event Man, probably at one of The King (of Port Amberstrige)'s parties on Port Amberstrige.

There, he probably became head over heels for Event Man, both because of his wacky antics, and his voice. They danced together, they shared a few jokes, and made plans for the next week. A year and a half later, they were wed. Event Man wore a dress bcause he thought it would be entertaining, and for all involved, it was.

In CombatEdit

He does not participate in combat.

First AppearanceEdit

Santiago has not appeared in the adventure yet. He is to be considered non-canon in all ways until he is included


Dylan- Doesn't now him at all. Normally he's busy down in engineering, or off the ship. They probably saw each other once, passing by each other on the ship, but don't know each other's names.

Event Man- Santiago's Husband. Santiago really wishes he could spend more time with his husband than he normally gets to, which is maybe a day at best.

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