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File:World_Map.gif |The Marines rule over the blue part: the West Seas.
File:World_Map.gif |The Marines rule over the blue part: the West Seas.

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The Marines are a police force that rule over the Western Ocean.


The Marines were established sometime after the increase in pirate activities in both the Western and Eastern Oceans. They were formed with the intent to put a stop to all illicit activities in a naval setting. Current Marines wear a uniform composed of a white dress shirt, white pants, and a soft blue ribbon around their collars, with some higher ranked members adorning matching soft blue caps labelled "Marine". This appears to be a recent change in uniform, as Sal, an ex-Marine, wears a different uniform. This older Marine uniform appears to be made up of a navy blue jacket worn on top of a white shirt and a matching navy blue cap; unlike the newer uniforms, this cap does not have any lettering on it.


The Marines are a police force, meaning all of their activities are centered around the prevention of criminal activies and the apprehension of their perpetrators. In particular, their activities deal with preventing crime in a naval setting, i.e. piracy. They also work as a more normal police group in certain popular port towns. It is unknown how many ships the Marines possess, but it is estimated to be just less than the number of ships owned by all pirate groups combined. They tend to be very harsh and aggressive towards pirates or pirate-wannabes.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Sal (ex-member)


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