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Sal is the current shipwright and arms man of the main crew. It is not currently clear what, exactly, his responsibilities are on the ship. He was recruited in the tavern on Ouroboros.


Sal can be very blunt and is easy bored. In fact, the only reason why he joined the crew was because he was bored with his life as a Marine. Despite his seemingly irate behavior, he is very loyal to the crew and will do anything to keep them safe.


Sal wears his old Marine's uniform, which consists of a long navy-blue trench coat and a matching blue hat. He wears a plain white shirt under his coat. He always has his sword on him, usually latched to the side of his coat. He doesn't have a sheath for his sword. It is unknown why, althought it could just be that he likes to live a dangerously.

He has a large, brown beard covering his jaw and matching brown hair under his hat. His eye color is green.


Sal grew up in a normal household with a family that had little to no financial problems. Sometime as he grew older, likely in his preteen years, Sal's father had to leave to sea under orders from the Marines and was never seen again. As Sal grew to be an adult, he joined the Marines, eventually achieving such a high rank that he was given his own sea vessel. At some point later in his left, he left the Marines, keeping his uniform, sword, and ship in the process, resigning to the island of Ouroboros until he met the main crew.


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